14 Travel Hacks you wish you knew earlier

When we travel, we usually forget or miss some item here and there. So we have some really useful tips and tricks that will prove beneficial for your next vacation and many more to come.
  • Roll up your clothes: Instead of folding your clothes, roll them up. It will occupy less space and will keep them wrinkle-free. Also make combinations of clothes, this hack will make sure you have less clothes but many combinations to wear.
  •  Don't spend your money on water: Rules are very strict in some areas so carry an empty bottle on your way, and on check-in fill your bottle there.
  • Turn on incognito window for booking flights: While booking your flights, airlines sites track your site by installing cookies. So use incognito window to save your money and travel happily.
  • Keep/Buy a power bank: In case you overuse your mobile you should have power bank to charge your mobile. hence, keep it handy and don't forget to charge it before leaving.
  • Mark your bag as fragile: This hack may seem weird but its worth it. If you mark your bag as fragile, your bag will be easily recognized and the brownie point is it will be on top of the luggage.
  • Use ATM or cash machine for local currency: Use only limited cash.  Use ATM wherever possible and cash if possible. Don't flash your money, it will lead to pick-pocketing.
  • Only unpack when there is need: If you are on a short visit to a particular place, don't unpack all your stuff. Doing this will misplace or loose certain items. So unpack what is needed and enjoy your time more in travelling than packing and unpacking.
  • Put your rechargeable batteries in the fridge: This again is some weird hack bu trust me it really works. To regain your almost battery and you can take some more cool selfies.
  • Buy a dummy wallet to confuse pickpocketer: In case you come across pickpocketer, you should be ready so this is our proven hack. Keep a dummy wallet so that you can confuse them and keep your money safe.
  • Use straws to store liquids: This is a common hack, use straws to store your shampoo, conditioner, bodywash etc. It will occupy less space and you can throw them after use.
  • Check out in the morning: If you check-out in the morning you can roam around during day and leave at night. This way you can save money on hotels.
  • Buy souvenir from local market: Instead of opting for classy shops, go for the local market to buy souvenir. This will help you save money and you can see variety also but it only depends on your bargaining skills.Hope these hacks will help you on your next vacation, happy travelling.

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